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Writing is an art and it can be mastered. one way to know you have mastered writing is when you write fast and provide quality. To be a fast writer, you have to get access to the right information on how to be a pro at it. There are lots of people who consider writing to be tasking beyond their ability. The reason is that, they are yet to understand the best steps to take.

To be a good writer, you need to understand how to maintain quality. How well you write determines the effect your content will have on your readers.

And if your wish is to be an excellent writer, you need to combine quality with pace. You can write more words in less minutes. And while you may think this is not possible, we will show you how to achieve it in this article.

The Tips to Write Faster

Create A Detailed Outline to Guide You

Before you can achieve your fast writing goal, you have to do research. After you have done your research, the next step to follow is to create an outline. The outline will guide you as you write.

This step might seem like a waste of time, but taking the time to put together will speed up your writing skill. Having an outline is not the same as having a detailed overview because the more complex your outline is, the better time-saving.

A well-regimented outline is the best way to tackle writer’s block. In this case, it will prevent you from getting trapped in not knowing the next thing to write.

To start with, unify your research notes and keywords into subtopics. You can then make a bullet list with the points you propose to cover in your blog post.

Turn Off Your Phone Notifications

Text messages or social media notifications is a huge distraction.  It’s not mandatory to put off your phone while writing, but you can put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode for the writing period or put it in another place where you don’t have easy access to it.

Develop A Writing Habit and Stick to It

When you make writing part of your daily routine, it becomes easier. Human beings are creatures of habit because we quickly adapt to what we practice often than what we aren’t much familiar with.

Hence, if you notice that writing is easy for you to practice first thing in the morning, then make the writing mode part of your routine and do not procrastinate.

Pick A Topic You Are Excited About

Writing on a topic that you are passionate about will make the writing flow easily.

If you have an editorial calendar planned out, make a move of switching around ideas. This will allow you to flow and enable you to write about what comes to you at the moment.

One of the things that can fuel your strength in writing is embracing the topic you want to write about. But writing on a topic, you don’t care about will take twice as long.

To write as fast as possible, understand the topic, and engross it with maximum concentration.

Turn Off Spelling and Grammar Check

You probably want to turn in an excellent work at the end of your writing. But the truth is, writing and editing simultaneously will slow your writing performance.

So, put off your spelling and grammar checks. You can go back to make corrections on any mistakes made after you are done writing.

I understand that those wavy red and green lines under wrong spelling or words might look odd or not pleasing. But don’t tempt yourself to try to correct them immediately. It will do nothing but waste your time.

Create Text Shortcuts to Save Time

This process will develop your writing speed rapidly. Create your keyboard shortcuts for words and phrases you often use during writing. Text Expander is one of the tools you can use to get this done.

For instance, if you often use long words like; ‘Benjamin Lawal Content Writing Blog.’ Instead of wasting time typing it out every time, you can create an acronym like ‘BLCWB, every time you type the short form, TextExpander will automatically replace those acronyms with full names.

TextExpander will also track your words to know the exact keystrokes you have saved. This will save you a heap of time.

Design A Template for Intros and Conclusions

The most vital part to concentrate on while writing is the introduction and conclusion.

These are often difficult to write because they are the soul of your writing. If your introduction isn’t catchy enough to grab your reader’s attention, they won’t waste their time reading the rest of the piece.

To write an attention-grabbing intro, you don’t need to start from scratch every time you write. Instead, design a template for writing introductions. This will guide and save your time whenever you are writing.

If you learn to writer fast, it will help you achieve more in les time. Most people have content they need done in less amount of time but they find it hard. If you follow the steps above, you will find it easy to up your game as a content user. And if you need any help with fast writers, you can reach out to us.

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